Welcome back to the Wildlife Forum. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is currently engaged in building a strategic plan for the next 5-10 years.

This forum was one of many places where members of the public gave input that led to this report. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on the future of Wyoming’s wildlife and your Game and Fish Department. In particular, our agency would like to point to the results of the scientific data produced through an extensive random telephone survey of the general population. Results of this survey are on pages 37-237 of the report. These data provide a unique look at the activities and opinions of what can be considered a representation of Wyoming citizens in relation to wildlife.

Building the Plan
Based on all of the public input, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department put together six goals to forge the future of the agency. Those goals will go before our Commission in September at its public meeting. Please take a look at those goals here. Our focus was to base these goals on the input of the public and the expertise of Game and Fish employees.

If you want to stay involved please use the "Thoughts on the Game and Fish Strategic Plan Goals" forum below to give us feedback. We’d especially like to hear your ideas on strategies we could use to help achieve the goals. Another option is to attend the Commission meeting, September 18-19 in Dubois, Wyoming to give your thoughts to the Commissioners ahead of their vote.

Thank you so much for your interest.

-- Responsive Management and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Thoughts on the Game and Fish Strategic Plan Goals